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If you are like me, my dentist isn't in on Fridays when my crowns fall out or have dental problems it is when he is gone or a holiday. So I just don't chew hard things on that side or chew on that side of my mouth.


For a list of free medical but most important dental clinics you might be able to get in one today to take care of your tooth.

Good luck

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Hocus Pocus-

It seems I'm having issues with my pages and links today so I dare not post any more links today until it is resolved. However, that said, your best bet with a filling is to see a dentist as soon as you can to make sure there is no infection. At local markets such as Wal-Mart, etc you can buy a temporary filling. It's the same stuff the dentists use to pack a rootcanal until they put the crown on. It will buy you some time until you can get in. 


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I will check out your other blogs. They sound interesting. As for me, I just joined and can use advice on what to about my dropped out filling before I have to call 911. Thanks in advance for any aid that you can render.

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Hello I believe this is the first time to your page and I will return when not working my part time job. Take care

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Dear Sister Kindly go through and help in this project

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I love your blog. I am new to blogging. I have lots of ebooks on how to do it, but it all confuses me. You have been a great help with your information, even though I am in Pensacola, Florida. Thanks

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I actually do not celebrate Thanksgiving. My family and I observe the Day of Mourning out of respect for our ancestors. My great great grandfather was Cherokee.


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Happy Thanksgiving

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Where are you coming in Minnesota for your training? Is it a weekend affair or university training?

I came across a facebook page for the Nepali Student Association with the University of Minnesota-you may wish to email them and see if they can help or provide resources:

I also found the Non-Resident Nepali Association.

Non Resident Nepali Association

FNCCI Building

P.O.Box: 269


Shahid Shukra FNCCI Milan Marg

Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-4215247, 4262061, 4262218, 4266889

Fax: 977-1-4261022, 4262007


This is a link to the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network-They might have resources also.

Hope these help.



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Dear Friend I am conducting Drug alcohol rehab center in Nepal.I am going to attend Minnesota,hezelden USA by Scholarship for training.I am responsible for round ticket and per dam and transportation .Could you tell me how can I solve my problems?Thanks Binod

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